Vastu is the bridge between man and nature. Everything is made up of basic five elements – FIRE, WATER, EARTH, SPACE, and AIR. All These elements are found only on earth, and that is why it is the only planet that supports life and nature. If the residential and commercial buildings are constructed without any regards to these elements, then no benefits will be attained. Each of the five basic elements give us a precious gift from the powers of the universe.

All materials in the world, irrespective of their size, shape, colour, physical or chemical compositions have embedded their origins from one of the ‘Panchbhootas’. They all enjoy a peculiar vibration level, which evades the intelligence of human beings.

Residence Vastu

No beam should run above the bed.
The master bedroom should be in the South West corner and the bed should be on the southern wall.
The bedroom for sons should be in the East or South East corner and bed should be on the southern or eastern wall.
The guest bedroom or the daughter’s bedrooms should be in the North-West zone.
Family members should face East or North in living and dining room.
No furniture should be kept within 8 Feet or door height of the entrance.
The dining table should be square or rectangle shape and not in hexagonal shape.
A 6" offset should be left from the door to wall.
The refrigerator should not be placed in East or North side of the room.
The computer should be placed in the South-East zone.
The study should face the eastern or northern wall.
The staircase should be facing South or West.
The bed should not be in the extreme North East corner and head should not be on South or East.
It is advisable to not have the mirror exactly opposite the bed.
The wardrobe area should be raised and preferably be placed in the South West corner of the room.
The North-East corner should always be empty.

Office Vastu

The Senior executives/ managers/ directors should occupy South-West direction, (considered the best), West & South Zones
The middle management cadre staff should be placed in the North & East zones.
The field staff should be placed in the North-West Zone.
The accounts staff/ engineering staff/ artist should be placed in the South-East zone
Reception/ Visitors/ Temple/ Drinking Water etc. to be arranged in the North-East zone.
Staff should sit facing North or East directions.
No beam should run above heads of the staff or their seating positions.
The North East corner should be empty.

Open Plot Vastu

Bore wells or ponds should be at North East of the Plot
The entrance door should be on the Eastern on Northern side (please refer to the Vastu Mandala).
The highest point of the plot should be on the South West corner of the plot.
The plot should slope from South West towards the North East.
The plot projecting towards the South-West is considered bad.
Shape of the plot should preferably be rectangular between 2:3 & 1:2 proportions.
The highest point of the structure should be on the South West.
The centre of the structure is called Brahmasthana and should be open to sky.
Two opposite doors should not be staggered and should be in the same line.
The number of doors, beams and columns should be in even.
The number of steps should be in odd figures. i.e. 11, 17, 23, 29 etc.
There should be no openings or windows on the South West corner.
Temple should be on the North East Corner.
Clear the heights of floors in the structure to be preferably 8' 0", 10' 0" etc.

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